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Providing Exceptional Management and Training Services to
Assisted Living Facilities Located in Virginia
The American Assisted Living Caregivers Credentialing Center (AALCCC), based in
Virginia Beach, VA,  has specialized in the provision of management and training
services to assisted living facilities in Virginia for over 16 years.   AALCCC conducts
a broad range of educational programs specific to assisted living facility

Top-notch training programs are conducted throughout the state for owners,  
board members, administrators, managers, activity staff, caregivers, and others
interested in the assisted living profession.  In addition, customized programs
and workshops tailored for small to mid-size operators/owners can be developed
and presented especially for your employee group.

Since 1998, thousands of assisted living professionals have attended training
programs offered by AALCCC.
Quality Management Services at an Affordable Rate
AALCCC recognizes the financial pressures that assisted living facilities face on a
daily basis.  Our management and training programs are uniquely designed to
attract small, mid-size and larger clients.  A broad range of consultative
management services are available, including but not limited to:

  • assistance with state and federal regulatory compliance
  • pre and post inspection response management
  • operational interventions for troubled facilities
  • management problem solving
  • revenue enhancement strategies
  • risk management
  • establishment of quality improvement programs
  • pre-opening marketing analysis and business plan development
  • development and monitoring of comprehensive marketing plan
  • policy and procedure development
  • resident, family, and employee satisfaction programs and surveys

AALCCC is pleased to provide services to our clients on a retainer, project, or
management fee basis.
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